Many of you have heard me say that I love people and animals equally.  Actually, I have begun to realize that I somewhat prefer the company of animals, especially horses and dogs.  I have not always felt this way but have begun to gravitate in this direction throughout the last few years.  Being in the company of horses unfailingly gifts me with a feeling of peace, love, and harmony that I don’t always find with my fellow brothers and sisters.  

Whenever possible, I choose to spend time outdoors.  I have moved my office out onto my porch so that I can watch “the herd” on my farm.  The natural classroom that takes place in my pastures has rewarded me with an amazing education about my herd and horses in general.  I watch the manner in which they move and the communications that they share.  It took years of just sitting and watching them before I could understand the subtleties of their movement.  Horses prefer to live in community and have strong bonds with one another.  Horses provide daily examples of how to coexist for the greater good of the community. This is one of the most appealing traits that we can learn from horses.    

The emotional intelligence of horses provides a role model for all humans who desire a deeper connection with people and animals alike.  My horses have provided me with a comprehensive knowledge of how communities function.  Horses innately work with (not against) the laws of nature.  Even though my horses are part of a "man-made" herd, they provide a backyard view of the intricacies of horse behavior every single day.  Although horses monopolize much of my time, thoughts, and energy, I wouldn't have it any other way.  The wisdom of horses never fails to be astounding.  Horses rarely move toward conflict.  They simply move away from it.    

Humans may respond much differently to conflict.  Humans have a tendency to move toward conflict and might even add fuel to the fire!  Many times, we humans seem oblivious to the consequences of our own actions.  We roll along on autopilot and fail to have a conscious awareness of ourselves and the influence we have upon others.  

  Would you like to become more human through the social order of horses?  The answer is to recognize conflict for what it is and simply move away. This tiny change can unleash a freedom inside of you that will bring forth inner peace.  Peace is something we are all capable of clothing ourselves in if we have the right instructions.  Horses are my teachers and they can be yours as well.  With their guidance, understanding, and knowledge of relationships,  we can all enjoy a deeper sense of communion.  

Hope you have a great week!


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