Although I never knew the dam of my horse “Gramsey”, (Betty-the lady from whom I acquired Gramsey) often talked about her.  Betty said it was the saddest day of her life when she said good-bye to Gramsey’s mom.  Betty always provided love for her horses.  As I willingly assumed responsibility for Gramsey's care, I knew she how well-loved and very special she was.  What I didn’t yet know, was the person I would become from having Gramsey in my life or the horse that she would become.  

This is the “blog” version of a book that will one day be written about our story.  The two of us have survived her shattered Pastern 2 bone (ankle) to dance with one another in the video you will see below.  Through the connection I share with my own herd of horses and with each horse I am so privileged to meet, I dance with horses while advancing  my career as a Student of the Horse.  This is the “The Trail of Hard Knocks” ( a developing chapter) Gramsey and I have experienced and are now reaping the fruits of our labors with one another. 

Feel can not be taught rather it has to be experienced.   Feeling a horse is an experience that is so much more than words, steps, or methods.  Feel is the driving force behind the creation of my dance with horses in a world that so often sidetracks them from dancing with humans and other horses as well.  

Horses have taken me on a journey of transformation and transmutation.  I strive to take the horses that I meet on this journey too.  Although I can’t teach you to dance with a horse, I CAN teach you how to create a genuine connection where feel can unfold.   It was always my dream to dance with horses.  To this day, it is a dream come true.  If you never give up, you can dance with horses as well. 

Gramsey and her son Shadow are forerunners of the chapter in our book titled “BACK TO THE GARDEN OF EDEN” in a land where all possibilities exist.  My horse Gramsey is truly a living, breathing miracle.  Can you imagine dancing with a miracle?  It’s the very thing that keeps me alive when all else seems to fall apart.  I simply can’t stop dancing with horses (nor would I want to).  

My style, website, teachings, clinics and formats are all going through a transformation.  That's  why I have been in somewhat of a “whoa” mode recently.  Check out my website for more information on clinics, podcasts, coaching calls , and webinars  (scheduled for the winter of 2018-2019) to assist you in finding your authentic dance with horses.  As an accomplished Horse Whisperer & Animal Communicator, I connect with horses through both feel and vibration.  My telepathic skills have expanded to the Clair senses of clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience, Clairempathy,  and clairsentience,   All fruits of connection from my journey with horses.  Connecting with horses is a dance in the process of becoming fully alive.  This is how I feel around horses.  Liberty has the same meaning for horses and humans alike.  I call it "The Dance to Liberty" which is found somewhere over the rainbow.  

Linda & The Queen of Hearts (Gramsey).

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