About Linda

Dancing with the Queen of Hearts, Gramsey

Throughout her entire life, Linda Salinas has comfortably walked between the human kingdom and the animal kingdom.  She is both an accomplished Horse Whisperer and an Animal Communicator who believes that we all have the ability to communicate with animals if we quiet our minds and just listen.

As a student of the horse, Linda recognizes the connection that horses have with humans.  Yet time and time again, horses continue to show her that people in general are disconnected from the natural world, from horses, and mostly from themselves.  At the core of her work lies a profound belief that the integration of mind, body and spirit can transform our relationships with animals and with each other. Linda focuses on the disconnect that people have within themselves.  She is a gifted teacher who serves to inspire, motivate, empower and ultimately liberate people with the help of the horse so they may enjoy a fully congruent connection with nature, animals, and their true self.

Linda conducts both public and private intensive clinics throughout the United States, Canada,  Costa Rica, and Europe.  When she is not traveling, Linda spends time on her farm in North Carolina with her husband of 42+ years.  Together they share a menagerie that includes four adult children, three grandchildren, her dog Khaleesi , and last but not least, a herd of 8 all-knowing horses.