Often times I have heard people say, "If I'm going to train at liberty, surely I must leave the gate to the arena open."  My response is quite the opposite.  "No, I don't."  It really makes no difference to me or my horse if the gate is open or closed.  When my horse communicates to me that he wants out of the arena, I take him out and it is as simple as that!  At liberty, each party can freely and comfortably express his or her wishes.  

When my horses and I are together, WE ARE CONNECTED.  Due to our connection, I understand what that are communicating to me.  Most of the time that we spend together is at liberty.  When I say liberty, I mean that my horse has no tack, no restraints and force is not part of the equation either.   We are free to move throughout a large area.  When I school horses, I prefer that the training area be as large as possible.  Whatever we do in our sessions, I ensure that we are in accord.  

I love teaching and learning from my horses.  Fortunately, they seem to enjoy teaching me and learning new things as well.  We all relish in our connection.  When I am in the company of horses, my heart goes into overdrive and my body just follows along.  

The video below demonstrates a conversation that I am having with a horse.  I had already explained to him that I was communicating from my heart and asked if he was ok with that.  Watch and listen to his reply.  There is no talking in the video except at the end where I explain why I can’t talk and teach at the same time.  As I communicate with a horse for the first time, I give him my full focus.  In this video, you will see me communicate with energy, intention, telepathy, and body language.

In next week’s blog,  I will put a voice over on the video to explain the conversation I am having with this same horse (Larry).  Larry is a new addition for one of my clients and she brought him to my first True Connection clinic.  What you are seeing is footage of my first few minutes with her horse.   

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Until we connect next week, 

Linda & the Herd of 8

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