The best gift you can contribute to any relationship is a “healthy YOU”.   Optimal health involves a balance of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.   If you need an example of bringing a “healthy you” to a relationship, just look at your horse.  He is naturally well-balanced in these four important aspects of well-being.   

When we are centered and balanced, it is possible to achieve almost anything.  Healthy relationships foster communication which is the secret to maintaining a strong and healthy bond.  I have 8 horses.  People often ask me which horse is my favorite.  I find this to be an odd question.  Can't each of them be my favorite?  It seems to me that the better question to ask is, "Which horse do you share the best relationship with"?

Horses are highly developed in their ability to bond both individually and communally.  Although they don't use words, horses clearly have superior communication skills.  In contrast, humans use words to communicate but these very words are often the source of great discord between us.  Perhaps we need to stop using so many words and take the horse's lead on communication.  Horses are highly intuitive in their ability to read body language and intention.  They can wordlessly transmit thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, likes and dislikes.  

Relationships are never smooth.  They can be like roller coasters with a variety of ups and downs.  If you really think about it, the ups are fun but the downs offer the greatest opportunities to develop trust, respect, patience, and discipline.  

Follow your horse's lead and allow him to take you on a ride toward mastering the art of communication.  You are now walking the path of a horse whisperer.  Heartfelt communication is the secret to rich and rewarding relationships with horses, people, and all of nature.  Your horse is ready to lead the way.  Are you ready to let go and let your horse lead you to an amazing journey?     

Hope you have a great rest of the week.

Linda and the herd of 8

Linda SalinasComment