I have to laugh at myself when I think of all the times (many moons ago) that I attended clinics because I wanted to achieve something that I hadn’t quite learned to do with my horse.  Rarely did I consider my horse in any of this.  If my horse misbehaved, it only confirmed that I had a really stubborn horse that needed to be "straighten out".  What was I thinking???   Obviously, it was I ( not my horse) who was young and dumb.  I definitely need to thank my horses for “tolerating” my faulty mindset during this time.  What I failed to do was to listen to my horses and attempt to see life through their eyes.  Furthermore, I did not realize the importance of simply bonding with them.  When we don’t share a bond with our horses, it is easy to lapse into the pitfall of blaming our horses for our own shortcomings.   

Bonding with your horses definitely has supernatural benefits.  I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for my horses and the bond we share.  All of my horses (I have 8) have assisted in my personal transformation.   Before I had horses, I was very ungrounded.  I still chuckle when I say “I need their 32 feet on the earth to keep me grounded”.   I owe much to them and I am forever grateful to these noble animals.   As an added benefit, bonding with my horses has given me an understanding of their inner world that I could never have gotten through clinics.  

Wow, how I have changed!  Just the other day, someone approached me about riding one of my horses.  I didn’t hesitate to let this individual know that my horses require a bond before even thinking of letting someone on their backs.  My horses have a right to say "no"  and I back their feelings 100%.   Bonding with horses assists in the creation of a reverence for animals and for all of nature as well.  

All horses (both wild and domestic)  form strong bonds with one another.   Awareness of their need and desire to bond has become my primary consideration.  Tapping into the intelligence of animals, plants, and nature  proves to be a wise choice.  After all, who knows better than the horse himself concerning how he wishes to be treated?  

Now that I have seen the light, I ensure that my clinics will guide you toward a special relationship with your own horse and I always offer a 100% money back guarantee.  With horses as my teachers and guides,  I offer clinics from their prospective.  I encourage you to join us in unleashing the horse whisperer that you are anxiously waiting to become! 

Keep learning, growing, and shining, 


Linda SalinasComment