Through my observations, I have noticed that animals are much more connected to themselves than we humans are.  Animals live in their bodies while we humans have evolved to remain in our heads; yet we both receive the same signals from nature and we both have the same survival instincts.  Living in our heads has caused our other instincts to go dormant.  One instinct that we have lost is our ability to communicate telepathically with animals and plants.  The study of Animal Communication has awakened my ability to communicate telepathically with animals (I’m still working on the plant and mineral kingdoms).

I realized from a very early age that I could communicate with animals.   It didn’t take long for me to realize from people’s reactions to the things that came out of my mouth that my words were frowned upon.  My survival instinct took charge and I silenced the communication that I was able to transmit.  As a young child, there was no way I could speak freely in a world where people didn’t communicate with animals.  So, instead of holding true to my authentic self,  I joined the non-believers of Animal Communication to survive in a secular world.  Upon reaching adulthood, the desire to communicate with animals emerged once again.  This desire was awakened by none other than my horse.  The process of my awakening wasn’t pretty or easy but it was inevitable!  Eventually, I found myself studying with one of the top Animal Communicators on the planet.  After 3 1/2 years, I became certified and was asked to be one of her associates.  It was quite an honor when my teacher would call me to communicate with her animals in their moments of need.  

There is not one human being who is incapable of communication with animals.  If you find that to be a surprise, you may want to rethink your beliefs.   Often it is our beliefs that stop the flow of information we receive.  Simply take the time to listen to your horses.  Animalshave amazing insights and they have the potential to awaken us to our true selves.  The very word "animal" comes from the latin word "anima" meaning “breath” or “soul”.  Who’s soul has not been touched and transformed by an animal that they have loved?  

Communicating with animals is not simply a vocation.  Helping humans hear what animals have to say assists people in their own awakening.  Assisting people in the discovery of their true selves is my vocation.  One of the many messages that I have received from animals is that man has lost his way but animals have not.   Animals are doing everything they can to help us awaken our instincts to telepath and communicate with them.  They sincerely want to awaken us and help us find our way back to our authentic selves. 

Braving the fear of coming out of the spiritual closet takes courage.  Exposing our vulnerabilities to others who may not share our thoughts and beliefs is petrifying.  After all, they are the reason we were in the closet in the first place.  Animals have always supported me even when humanity did not.  They have come to my rescue more than once and I am committed to being their voice.  

If you feel lost, separated, disconnected, unengaged or lonely, spend time with animals in their natural settings.  They can assist you in reconnecting to the beauty within your soul.  Following others who are lost will never get you found.  Mirroring the animals’ examples of living in community allows us the freedom to rediscover our true selves.  Harmony originates within us.   Once we rediscover ourselves, we can begin the healing process to live in harmony while being in community.  Who better than our noble, trusting and unconditionally loving animals to assist in our awakening?  The timing couldn’t be better.  

It’s time to rise & shine, 

Linda & The Herd of 8

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