As I mentioned in last week's blog, humans have evolved to live inside their heads.  Unfortunately, no one can understand how to "feel" by thinking about things.  Like it or not, everyone feels.  Even those who say they feel nothing are acutely aware that they are feeling the absence of something!       

I'd like to share a pleasurable exercise that you can do with your horses to develop a sense of "feel”.  Often before I play with my horses, I walk up to my horse Sampson and throw my arms around him.  I pull back his mane and breathe in his scent.  Of all my horses, he has the strongest horsey smell.  I love the feeling that ignites within me when I inhale the smell of a horse.  It makes me want to stop the passage of time and simply freeze the moment.  I love the positive emotions that I feel when I breathe in this wonderful and amazing scent.  Obviously,  I am not alone.  Many of you have expressed that you love the smell of horses.  But, how many of you have paid attention to the way this scent actually makes you "feel"?   The scent of a horse can generate a feeling of bliss.  This positive emotion lays the foundation for developing a sense of “feel” with a horse.  I strive to keep this connection when riding, training, or simply spending time with horses.  It is well known that the olfactory sense is highly successful in triggering both emotions and memories.  

Although this exercise may seem simple, it serves as a powerful introduction into developing a sense of “feel”.  Who would have thought that breathing in the scent of horse could generate such powerful feelings of well-being?  Go ahead try it!   While breathing in the smell of your horse, don't forget to notice the feelings you experience in that very moment.  These pleasurable feelings combined with your desire to simply spend time with your horse will cultivate the sense of “feel” that you are striving for during your activities with your horse.  It's time for you to follow your nose straight to the stable or pasture.  Your horse is ready and waiting for you to "smell" thespecial connection that you will share.  

Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Wishing well-being to all horses and humans, 

Linda & The Herd of 8

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