By the time you read this blog, I will be teaching my 6th England clinic.   Several of the women who will be in attendance have taken 4 or 5 clinics already.  Through the passage of time, these skillful horsemen, who are predominantly female, have learned to feel, sense, and read the energy of their beloved horses.  These awesome women have even mastered the art of dancing with their equine partners.  I find it incredibly rewarding to know that I have served as a guide in their development.   

As mentioned in last week’s blog, the development of “feel” with horses is an acquired skill.  It comes quite naturally to some people and not so naturally to others.  One step beyond "feeling" energy lies in "sensing" your horse's energy.  At this point, the dance with your horse can begin.  Regardless of whether you ask your horse to pick up his feet, walk, or dance with you, the success of your request lies in harnessing the ability that you both have to "sense" each other's energy.  The magnetic connection that you can establish lends itself to beautiful choreography.  The choreographer is not a person but consists of a combination of the energy, movement, music and connection you both feel in the moment.  Dance rehearsals are no longer required!    

No animal can read a human better than a horse can; at least that has been my experience and it has been an integral part of my success as well!  It is a life changing experience to resonate at the same vibrational frequency with your horse.  On more occasions than I can even count, people have come for 3 day clinics and were surprised that they experienced even greater transformation than their horses.  People quickly become aware that horses are perfect just as they are.  More importantly, these clinics lend awareness to the fact that we humans are perfect (just as we are) as well.  

Accepting yourself, just as you are, and acknowledging what the horse can reveal is a journey worth taking.  Feeling, sensing, and flowing with your horse serves to liberate all inhibitions.  I’ll never forget one particular afternoon with my horse, Shadow.  The music was playing and we both felt the urge to dance.  I'm sure you have heard the expression to "dance like no one else is watching".  Shadow and I were kicking up our heels for sure.  Eventually, I happened to look over and was surprised to see that my neighbor was leaning on the fence rail, staring at us while smoking a cigarette.  I was surprised yet again when I sensed Shadow pulling my attention back to him.  We continued to dance in rhythm to the music as it played.  Years ago, I would have broken the connection with my horse out of the fear of being labeled "crazy".  Now, however, I think it would be crazy not to dance with my horse.  Talk about a transformation!  

As I said above, I truly do feel that no animal reads a human better than a horse.  My horse (and all horses) make me feel alive and I want to spend the rest of my life dancing with as many of them as possible!  You are always welcome to come and join us.  When was the last time you danced let alone with your horse?  We hope to see you soon!

Shake a leg!

Linda & The Herd of 8

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