Photo Taken at Return To Freedom

Photo Taken at Return To Freedom

I have visited the Grand Canyon several times and each time it was if I had never been before.  I just couldn't take in the vast, majestic beauty in front of my eyes.  Mere words can’t do it justice, so I know not to even try to describe what can only be referred to as impossible beauty.  The same thing happens when I go to Return To Freedom in San Luis Obispo.  

It has been said that when we breathe out, we are breathing out creation and we breathe in consequence.   I found that statement to be true as we all inhaled and gasped as the herd of wild horses came into our sight, not only the first day but every day.  Every time I look at horses, once again I see impossible beauty.  To see a herd of wild horses and not sense their beauty is simply not possible.  

I can't explain beauty that is impossible, yet that is what we witnessed at the Return to Freedom clinic last weekend in San Luis Obispo.  Since words seem inadequate, I'll let the slide show speak for itself.

It was an experience of a life time on all levels.  

Join us next year at Return To Freedom for a 5 day clinic through the journey of the horse.  Dates:  June 18-22, 2018 in San Luis Obispo.  I promise you will experience the horse like never before.  

Sending love & light to all humans and horses, 

Linda & The Herd of 8

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