Eyes, be they human or animal, are fascinating.  Horses have the largest eyes of any land animal and they have great vision whether it be day or night.  The pupil is the opening into the eye.  It is not under voluntary control but is controlled by light.  Eyes provide us with vision but they are also known as the windows into the soul.

There is an entire world in front of our eyes, yet there is another world behind them which consists of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, intuitions, mental chatter, etc.  In the world behind our eyes, there is a wealth of information which complements our relationship with the world in front of us.  Here is an exercise to demonstrate what I am describing.  Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a railroad train traveling full steam down a track.  Now, open your eyes and imagine that you can also hear the train’s whistle as it blows.  These mental images and sounds simulate the world behind our eyes that I am referring to and they can complement our connection to the visible world in front of our eyes as well.  

While I am in the company of horses as they enjoy their natural state of just “being”, I feel the balance between both of these worlds.  These are the moments that I like to look into my horse’s eyes.  I feel that they can transport me into another realm.  Without projecting any thoughts or feelings, I enter a state of reflection.  With the horse as my pilot, I trust that our journey will take us where we need to go.    

I have said it before and I’ll say it again.  The best ride with a horse is not necessarily on his back.  It’s all about the journey he can take you on and I highly recommend that you allow yourself to be his "pupil".

Sending all of you and your horses love and light from the world behind my eyes.  

Linda & Horses

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