Who better to teach us lessons of connection than horses whose very survival has been dependent upon connection?   50,000,000 years of experience in working together as a herd has kept horses alive.  I think it is accurate to say that horses are the premiere teachers of the art of connection.  

At the Liberty Horse Academy, we too teach the art of connection since we have learned from the very best teachers, which are of course the horses themselves.  Their ability to survive, adapt, and work in community make horses most worthy of teaching us many life lessons.  The development of a sense of connection gives us all a feeling of belonging and well being.  

Feeling connected to our brothers and to our animals opens a new paradigm of thinking.  Our horses help us to get out of our heads where we “think” we are separate and they give us the courage to listen to our hearts where we can “feel” connected.  When we realize the affect we have on others, we can also understand the internal messages we send to ourselves.  Thus, as we appreciate the beauty of connection, we "lift up" each other along with our animals as well.  

A feeling of connection is based upon forging a feeling of belonging.  There are many facets of connection, but the first step is simply learning how to “BE”.  In speaking from my own experience, the best way to feel connected is simply to BE with horses.  At the Liberty Horse Academy, we address the art of connection by teaching you how to communicate with horses in a language that they speak and understand.  Horses depend upon connection for survival and guess what?  People do too!   Connection is an art that begins with a feeling; a feeling of comfort first and foremost within ourselves and secondly with others.  Ultimately our sense of connection grows into a feeling that we are a part of all of life.  How awesome is that?

Keep shining, 

Linda & THE HERD OF 8

Carolyn Resnick will be joining me in giving the clinic with the wild horses at Return To Freedom

Only 3 spots available!

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