I can honestly say I do both with my horses and they in turn motivate and push me as well.  The balance lies in knowing your horse and assessing the situation.  My horse understands that he always has a choice which makes all the difference when I push (urge) him to do something.  Sometimes a horse may attempt to trick you into believing that he can't do something even though he can.  I equate this to a child saying he is sick (even though he looks fine) just because he does not want to go to school.  If you really know your horse, you can tell the difference.   

I love to see my horses excel especially since they have the power of choice. It has been my experience that horses will give greater effort when they have a voice.  My horses are free to say yes, no, or maybe so.  We focus on the two-way street of communication and connection, rather than fixating on the achievement of a particular goal.  My horses are not required to perform perfectly.  When they don't do their best, I feel they are pushing me to look within so that I may better myself and my leadership skills as well.   

I love the journey that I am taking with my horses.  I am learning about myself and all of life through their eyes.  Being "a student of the horse" yields so many more benefits than you would get from simply concentrating on teaching the horse.  Taking the time to really get to know my horse was the crucial first step on the ride that we share.  Wouldn’t you prefer that someone get to know you before they tie you up, touch you, place an object on your back( saddle), sit on you, and put something in your mouth?  I know I would.

Anyone who can't understand the need for connection is not looking at life through the horse’s eye.  As an Animal Communicator, I can see life through their eyes and I can see myself as they do.  It has been said that eyes are the windows to the soul.  As you see yourself through the eyes of your horse, you may or may not like what you see.  Horses have the unique ability to see us; not as how we pretend to be or want to be but as we really are.  Despite our shortcomings, horses are always willing to patiently guide us along the pathway to personal growth.  As we partner with our horses, remain mindful that freedom of choice and leadership always go hand in hand, or should I say hand in hoof!    

I’ll let you lick and chew on that, 

Linda & The Herd of 8


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