Linda Salinas & Carolyn Resnick

Linda Salinas & Carolyn Resnick

For me, the secret of sharing a delicious connection with horses comes primarily from "the horse"  and from stretching my"human" qualities to see life through the eyes and language of my horses.  Prior to studying The Waterhole Rituals with Carolyn Resnick, my background was in Animal Communication.  Learning Carolyn's method brought my connection with horses full circle.  It's one thing to communicate telepathically with animals but "speaking" with body language completes the circle.  To this day, studying the natural behavior of horses continues to fascinate me and I've come to the realization that connecting with animals and people is an art. Also, if you love doing something, you don't think of it as work.  That is exactly how I feel about connecting with horses.  

The art of connecting with horses involves telepathy, body language, presence, intuition, awareness, and a sense of feel.  Awareness of the thoughts in your head is paramount when connecting with horses.  Many people are masters of mental chatter with no idea of what theyare energetically projecting onto others.   

Carolyn Resnick and I have opened The Liberty Horse Academy which is an online school so that we may offer you the art of connection.  As you take the time to learn the language of horses, you most definitely will enhance your understanding of animals, people, and all that exists in life.  We hope you will join us soon!

To learn more about the art of connection visit  The Academy focus is on the connection with horses.  Learn to communicate in the language horses speak for an outstanding relationship.  

Have a great rest of the week and enjoy the connection with your horse(s), 

Linda & The Herd of 8 



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