I was moved beyond words from a communication that I had with my horse Sampson.  I was humbled by his message and felt that you too might find it beneficial to hear about life from the perspective of the horse.

“My name, strength, and power give the illusion that I am insensitive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although I am highly sensitive, I do no reflect this in my personality because it is simply not my nature. In terms of relationships, I am a difficult horse not only with humans but with horses alike, as you have personally witnessed and experienced. It is precisely my unique characteristics and quirks (which you find difficult) that have caused you to stretch yourself to trust your intuition, become a better teacher, and a more skillful horseman. Bella offers you these gifts as well. We offer these challenges to assist you in uncovering aspects of yourself (that we can see) but are hidden from your view. We simply desire to unveil your light within.  ”


I have to agree with Sampson.  Difficult horses really do present opportunities for growth.  For most of us, it is often easier to label a horse as "difficult" than it is to stretch ourselves to new heights.  I have to own up to this one!   I’ll never look at difficult horses the same way again.  I hope you'll see them in a different light as well!

Have a great rest of the week!

Linda & Sampson