A few years ago I wrote a blog titled, “To Ride or Not To Ride?…..that is the question”.  It was one of my most popular and controversial blogs generating many shares on Facebook and increasedtraffic to my website.  With the passing of time, the divide has grown and now it is not uncommon to see articles and comments supporting NO Riding- NO Shoes - and/or NO Bits.  

Liberty by definition is freedom from control, interference, restriction, etc.  Does this mean I can’t put shoes on my horses?  Absolutely not!  When we are focused on the quality of well-being that we can offer our horses, dogmas have no place in the equation.  Seven of my eight horses are bare-footed but the other one must wear shoes.  We tried to go barefoot for 4 years using every product available. I even put extra gravel in the areas where he walked the most.  Finally, I decided to take my horse to the vet and have him x-rayed during a “gimpy” spell.  From his x-rays, it was clear that he was very flat-footed and had a thin sole.  I put shoes on him and he has been happy and sound ever since.  

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As most of you know Liberty Horse Academy launches this week.  We chose the name "Liberty Horse Academy"  because we support the concept and practice of allowing horses to be at liberty.  The Academy teaches the art of connection for you and your horse.   When you and your horse have an equal playing field, a beautiful and honest relationship can unfold.   The Academy welcomes and supports the power of choice for you and your horse.  We have much to offereveryone including those who prefer not to ride, shoe their horses, or use bits.

For those of you who do ride your horses, we would love for you to join and learn to ride with just your fingers (it’s one of our future courses)!  At Liberty Horse Academy, we learn from each other and from our horses as well.  In my previously blogs, I believe I mentioned that as a child, I was not a particularly good student.  Who knew that I would grow up and become a teacher and who could have guessed it was because of horses I now teach? Your horses have a lot to teach you as well.  Hope to see you in The Academy!

Have an amazing week!  

Linda & The Herd of 8

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