Linda at Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary 

Linda at Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary 

Feeling safe is a basic need for horses and humans alike.  We humans are quite content to forego our personal freedom to ensure our feeling of safety.  Air travel provides us with an excellent example.  We stand in long lines and tolerate TSA agents who bark orders at us.  We take off our shoes, partially undress, and submit to pat downs, when required to do so.  It is no longer possible to simply walk onto an airplane.  We have forfeited that freedom for our desire to feel safe.  

Horses are no different from us.  They want to feel safe as well.  One of the reasons that I do not like round pens is that they don't provide horses with a position of escape.  The underlying message communicated to the horse is that when you submit to me, your circumstances will be better.  Thus, the horse gets a loud and clear message that we want him to be uncomfortable until he can find the answer we are looking for.   I think we can all agree that there is something wrong with this picture.  

Working a horse at liberty allows the horse to feel safe.  He knows, that at any time, he can escape our influence to restore his feeling of safety.  We all crave equality and freedom of choice.  A relationship forged on a solid foundation can overcome any obstacles that may arise.

At the end of May,  Carolyn and I will be launching the Liberty Horse Training Academy.  This academy will begin with Carolyn Resnick’s Waterhole Rituals followed by additional liberty training techniques as well.  The academy's mission is to help people learn to speak and communicate with horses in a language that they understand, thus creating magical relationships.  Our contribution to horses is to make their world a better place by honoring, treating, and revering them as the magnificent beings that they truly are.  If you are interested in receiving a promo code for a discounted price to the academy,  please click on the button below and I will send you a discount for the Academy close to the time it is to launch which is toward the end of May.   

 We hope to see you in the academy soon!

Linda and the herd of 8

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