Let’s say that another person put a beautiful bracelet around your wrist to keep you connected to them.  No matter how kindly they are, if you don't have a say concerning where you go and what you can do, you are no more than a slave. The same is true for horses.  Kindness is not the issue. Having a choice and the freedom to express how you feel are the issues.  It makes the difference between a horse being with you because of the bond and connection you share vs being with you because he is connected by a rope and halter which force him to be with you. 

At the end of May,  Carolyn and I will begin the Liberty Horse Academy.  The Academy originated from our intention to create a better place for horses by educating humans how they can have an extraordinary relationship with horses at liberty through a bond and connection.  The Academy begins with an in-depth study of Carolyn’s Waterhole Rituals that she created from her observations of wild horses.  There are podcasts, written documents, and over 40 videos in the first of many more series to come.  Our Academy is designed so that you may progress at your pace as you honor your horse’s freedom of choice.  

Working a horse at liberty means that he always has a choice.  When we open our hearts and minds to see the world through the eyes of our horses while communicating with them in their language, we create a solid foundation to experience the most rewarding horse - human relationships ever.  

We hope to see you in the Academy.  Click here to receive your promo code for The Liberty Horse Academy (only one per e-mail please).              

More to come soon.  

Have a great rest of the week, 

Linda & The herd of 8

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