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From my first encounter with horses, I desired to have a deep, meaningful connection with these wonderful creatures.  As I reached adulthood, I took every clinic that I could find, yet nothing seem to provide me with the relationship and bond that I was seeking until I studied The Carolyn Resnick Method.  As those of you who have met me clearly know, I am currently overjoyed to have the connection with my horses that I always dreamed of.  Actually, it feels better than I could have ever imagined!  The connection and bond that I share with my horses fuels me with the enthusiasm and drive to teach clinics around the globe while fulfilling my desire to help others achieve a similar level of connection with their horses as well.  So, are you ready for my big announcement?  



Carolyn Resnick & I will be launching the Liberty Horse Training Academy at the end of May!   For the last seven months, we have been working non-stop to film, edit, and create a series of videos for the Liberty Horse Training Academy.  The video series begins with The Waterhole Rituals and progresses with more advanced training throughout the series.  The Academy is designed to help you create a bond and connection with your horse whether you simply want to share territory, ride your horse under saddle, ride with only the touch of your fingers or just experience the joy of everything in between!  Now, from the convenience of your own home, you will be able to train your horse with this amazing method.    

Sneak previews will be coming soon!  If you are ready to explore this exciting new opportunity to enhance your relationship with your horse, click the button below.  In return, I will send you a promotional code which will be valid for a discount on the enrollment price for the video series.  You will receive the promo code shortly before the Academy goes online.  

As an added bonus, the videos will soon be offered in Spanish as well.  Each and every person who practices Liberty Horse Training makes the world a better place for horses and humans alike.  We are honored, proud, and committed to offering you the best possible training for your beloved horses and we do hope that you will tune in soon! 

Have a fabulous week and I look forward to seeing you in the Academy!

Linda & The Herd of 8

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