Linda at Return To Freedom with wild horses

Linda at Return To Freedom with wild horses

Hearing the term horse whisperer brings to mind the archetype of horse and human communicating non-verbally with one another.  While we acknowledge that this can be done, we sometimes feel that it is only possible for a select few.  When watching a horse whisperer, we bear witness to the silent communication which seems to effortlessly unfold. There is a wondrous unity between horse and human that cannot be denied.  As we watch the beauty of this connection we may ask in astonishment, "Wow, how did that just happen”?

When I think of the term "horse whisperer", I envision a person who is mindful of the horse's thoughts and feelings.  I picture someone who is not dependent upon fences, tack, or pressure to obtain compliance from the horse.  I know a horse whisperer when I see one because this person is open to input from the horse concerning how he wants to be trained.  A horse whisperer is flexible in his approach and is aware of what does and does not work while following guidance from the horse.  A horse whisperer knows that every horse is different and each one needs to be appreciated for his own special uniqueness.  

What makes a person a horse whisperer?   The answer is.........the horse !!!  It’s the horse who makes you a horse whisperer.  The secret lies in not what you whisper to the horse, but listening to the horse who whispers to you.  Your part is to listen and this is why horse whisperers are few and far between.  Most trainers believe more in their own method then they believe in their horse’s ability to teach them.  All it takes is listening to the horse.  

If you haven’t noticed already I have been begun video blogging.  The name of my video blog is called “Horse Whispers”.   I wonder where I got that name from!!!!  

Have a fabulous week and listen for your horse's  whispers. !

Linda & the herd of 8

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