Horses have survived for over 50 million years.  This is a such a long period of time that I have absolutely no idea how to wrap my head around it.  Ancient horses were very small in comparison to today's horses.  Also, they had 3 toes instead of the modern hoof.  These changes highlight how brilliantly horses can adapt for survival.  It is truly incredible that their language and communication skills date back 50 million years.  What more evidence do we need that horses are masters of communication?  The horse must be doing something right.  This is one of the many reasons I find horses to be simply magical.  I define "magic" as something I believe in yet can't quite explain.  

Horses are more than willing to share their language with us.  If you remember from last week's blog, all it takes is for us to observe and listen to them.  Although we humans have also evolved,   I feel we no longer follow our natural instincts and in many instances have lost sight of our true nature.  

Learning the language of horses has gifted me with an understanding of myself, animals, and other humans.  They have taught me that our true nature is one of harmony as well.   Embracing our own harmonious nature is a gift well worth receiving.  Of course this doesn't mean that we strive to live in a perfect bubble that no one can penetrate.  Quite the contrary,  it teaches us that our true nature of harmony is a force greater than anything the world can throw at us.  Life really is magical!  Finding harmony is not always easy but we always have horses to assist us.  How magical is that?  

Have a great week and I hope that you will discover something "harmoniously magical" in life as well!

Linda & the herd of 8

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