Bella & I hanging out enjoying one another.

Horses and humans alike are energetic, physical, mental and emotional beings.  Furthermore, horses are harmonious creatures who are fluent at reading energy.  The energy you bring to your horses is vital to the connection and relationship you share with them.  

One of the secrets of sharing a special relationship with a horse is to mirror the type of harmonious energy that your horse naturally brings forth.  Horses don't suffer from the "addiction to distractions" that we suffer from.  They are always fully present.  Horses live freely in the flow and rhythm of life and don't distract themselves from what naturally unfolds.  Conversely, we humans will often seize any opportunity to distract ourselves from being fully present in the moment.  We tend to be uncomfortable with being quiet and experiencing present moment awareness.  This is one of the main differences between us and horses. Therefore, horses don't always want to interact with us because they don't see us as proper energetic match mates.  

Your horses are fabulous teachers that can guide you to an energetic connection with them.  Allow me to make a suggestion from what my own horses have taught me.  Find your own harmony before entering into the company of horses.  By doing so, your horse will be energetically drawn to you.  This lays the foundation for a rewarding relationship with your horse and with yourself as well.  When you find your harmony, your life's song will be music to the world's ears.  Your horse is patiently waiting to hear your music and will undoubtedly be your biggest fan!  

Have a fabulous & harmonious week.  

Linda & the herd of 8 

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