I completely understand if you don’t believe in Animal Communication. There was a time when I didn’t believe in it either.  However, life threw me a curveball and I became not only a believer but a practitioner of Animal Communication.  Talk about a convert!  Honestly, doesn’t it make sense that animals and humans would naturally have the ability to communicate with each other?  Animals communicate non-verbally with us via feelings, thoughts, images, physical sensations, energy, body language, and a general sense of 'knowing".  Likewise, we can communicate messages using these methods as well.  

You may find it strange, but I always talk out loud to my horse and to my dog as if they understand exactly what I am saying.  Of course there are times when they don’t but I'm certain that there are definitely times when they do.  When I play with my horse, he is at liberty.  He always has a choice and a voice in how he wishes to be trained.  I have discovered that horses at liberty are much easier to communicate with than horses that have not been trained at liberty.  


Some people don't allow their horses to have a voice in their training.  These people will be the first to say that they don't believe in Animal Communication, yet they have made no attempt to hear their animals' voices.  When a client brings me a horse that has no say in his training, our beginning lessons are often very difficult.  But as the horse realizes that I am not going to ask him to do anything that he doesn't like or doesn't understand, our connection rises to a higher level.  Sometimes, I visualize beforehand how I would like our session to unfold.  In the present moment, I communicate a feeling of gratitude to the horse when I am happy with his actions.

Even if you think you aren't quite ready to work on non-verbal communication, you can still TALK to your horse.  I purposefully talk out loud to my horse because I know he understands almost everything I say when he is "tuned in".  I would like to share the following tip with all of you: If you aren’t already talking out loud to your horse, START RIGHT NOW!!   Believe that your horse will understand what you are saying.  You might just find that this opens the door to a greater awareness of how your horse responds to your words and thoughts.  You will become more sensitive to messages FROM your horse as well.  Whenever you look at your horse, you will be able to "read" him better.  As you become more comfortable with non-verbal messages, your connection with your horse will soar to new heights.

Why don't you give it a try?  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Animals are always ready to "talk" if we are willing to listen.  Who better than our beloved animals to teach us the non-verbal communication that comes so naturally to them?  It’s easier than you may think.  Let us know how it goes!

Have a shining rest of the week, 


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