Imagine your horse walking over to the mounting block to let you know that he wants to continue practicing what you had worked on the previous day.   Imagine your horse showing you a better technique than you are currently using to ask him to side pass.  Imagine your horse going over a jump at liberty opening your eyes to the fact that he really likes jumping.  When my horse sees me walk outside, he sometimes comes running while nickering that he is ready to play. That's my absolute favorite!   All of these scenarios are possible when you take the time to develop a meaningful relationship with your horse. 

The relationships that I share with my horses are far beyond anything that I have ever felt or even knew to be possible.  It’s not about the ribbons they have won nor is it about their performance.  The bottom line is that if my horses are happy, I’m happy too.  We train, we play, we ride, we do “nothing” together, we teach each other, we learn from each other and the feeling is mutual.  I never thought that giving up MY wants and considering my horses' needs could be so rewarding.  Reaching this level of connection involves an investment of time but it is definitely time well-spent in the long run.      

Many of you have heard me speak of my horse Shadow, who really is one of the true loves of my life.  I try to be with him as much as I can and I like to play with him, even if it is only for 15 minutes a day.  The sessions that we have are magical for both of us.  Yes, I train Shadow but he trains me as well.  We combine our heads and hearts to have the best classroom experiences possible and we grow together.  If one of us can’t figure out what the other is trying to communicate, we are always polite and respectful of one another.  This does not mean that Shadow always gets to do what he wants anymore than I alway get what I want.  What it does mean is that Shadow is free to express his opinion.  When I posted a short video highlighting how our sessions progress, I received many comments and questions concerning how I train my horse to do the things he does.  My answer is that his willingness is not a result of training but is a result of the wonderful bond and connection we share. 

I can’t wait to share the many ways that you can improve the relationship you share with your horse, all of which are based upon what horses have taught me.  Learning from horses provides a rich and fun way to learn about each other.  Having a relationship with your horse out weighs any blue ribbon you can achieve.  This kind of relationship carves away until it discovers the connection of the heart.  If you are interested in improving your connection with your horse, or desire such a connection check out my 2018 clinic schedule below.  It takes years to have a connection like I share with Shadow, but I can help you build a foundation to get you there.  I will teach you to communicate with your horse in the language he/she speaks and understands and will help you to understand what your horse is communicating to you.  My life changed profoundly when I stopped thinking like a human and started thinking like a horse.  Yours can too!

Have a fabulous week and keep shining brightly, 

Linda and the herd of 8  

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