JO BlackJack's queen

JO BlackJack's queen

I must say that I Love, LOVE, LOVE what I do in life and feel privileged to be able to share it with others.  I love bearing witness to the manner in which horses can transform our lives.  There is a saying that "when the student is ready, the teacher appears".  I feel this simply could not be more true.  In my clinics, horses are teachers and we humans are the students.    

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog that discussed how much your horse's name really does matter.  It was very popular and many of you wrote and shared stories concerning your own horses' names on my website and Facebook page.  Now, I’d like to share another experience that I have had concerning the importance of names.  

Jayne Forster (who is also a Carolyn Resnick Instructor) has hosted my clinics in England for the past 5 years.  In our most recent clinic, the horses in attendance were unique and fabulous teachers.  All but one were new to the program.  One horse was named BlackJack.  He was super expressive, shared a really strong bond with his person (Jo), and had a high play drive.  BlackJack was gorgeous.  Because he was so expressive, he was super easy to read.  He had a big personality that allowed him to get away with a lot, especially with Jo who was also full of childlike energy herself.  Although I loved his cute personality,  I didn’t allow BlackJack to do some of the things that Jo allowed.  He protested with attitude and heels kicked high but always pranced back for more time together.  Horses can communicate with us both symbolically and telepathically.  My messages from BlackJack pointed out that he felt he needed a queen.     

I have a special interest and love for the study of queens who throughout history have used their power for the betterment of the people they served.  That’s the type of queen I would have wanted to have been if given the opportunity.  In this most recent England clinic,  I imagined that I was clothed with the energetic robe of a queen in my interactions with BlackJack.  He responded to this energy and moved as if we were one.  

Before this clinic, I had told Jayne that I would bring a crown with me the next time that I came to England.  True to my word, I did bring a crown.  During the clinic, I placed this crown on Jo's head.  For the next two days, she and BlackJack moved in unison with Jo acting as her horse’s queen.  Jo became clearer in her body language and direction.  BlackJack responded by respecting her space and not crowding her as he did before.  

Deb now queen of the mini's!!!

In a previous clinic, a participant named Deb with 2 adorable minis had asked, “what do you do when your horses are so cute even if they are being rude"?   I responded they would be even cuter if they were well mannered, polite, and respectful.  When we don’t have clearly defined boundaries,  we can confuse “naughtiness” with  “cuteness”.  Deb quickly learned to be a queen for her mini’s.   

A queen knows the difference between naughty and nice.  She expects good manners and doesn't settle for anything less.  Goodly and just queens command and earn the respect of their followers.  A good queen understands how to serve her people and they respond to her leadership.  Horses are no different.  As you demonstrate your leadership, horses will follow your lead as well. 

I am forever grateful to my own horse also named BlackJack who has taught me with patience and kindness to be the type of queen he needs me to be.  Allow your horse to cultivate the leader he needs and always act justly.  As in marriage, when two become one, you reach your highest potential.  As you fearlessly begin the journey toward becoming your horse’s queen, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

All of us are diamonds in the rough.  Allow your horse to unveil the "diamond" he sees in you.  None of us are alike but we are all special; and of course, we all know our horses are special.  

On your mark - get set- (put on your crown) -  and GO!  I hope you feel like a queen just having read this!!!!

Have a great rest of the week

Linda & The herd of 8

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