Return To Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary

Return To Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary

Generally speaking, I have a healthy level of self-esteem, or at least I choose to think that I do! Still, throughout the years, people have sometimes had a negative impact on my emotional well-being.  During the healing process, many of my mental "chitchats”  have taken place in the company of my horses, who unfailingly listen to my complaints and concerns.  Who knows?  My horses may have even heard a few words about you....just kidding!

 Ultimately, while griping and complaining in the presence of my horses, I had a fascinating realization.  My horses never fail to echo back to me exactly how I sound.  I must admit, sometimes I am not very proud of what I hear.  Furthermore, I discovered that any time my head fills with useless mental chatter and those pesky negative emotions arise inside me, my horses don't want to be in close proximity with me.  After I calm down and get my feelings in check, my horses once again seek companionship.


I now realize something that had not previously been obvious to me.  Horses are quite uninterested in our "mental" chatter but they truly resonate with us as we get in touch with our heart-felt feelings.  This communication from the horses gave me the gentle nudge that I needed to get  out of my head and into my heart.  Spending time in the company of horses puts me in touch with my empathy, compassion, and love for all life.  

For Thanksgiving and In Thanksgiving to our beautiful horses,  I sincerely express my gratitude for the transformational gift that they have bestowed upon me.  As we open our hearts, horses have many lessons for us all.  In the coming weeks, I would love to hear some of your stories about the lessons that horses have taught you too!  

God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your precious horses as well, 

Linda & The Herd of Eight

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