Early in my studies of animal communication,  I learned that the number one desire most animals have concerning people is that they simply want to BE with us. Horses are no different and they have a strong need to bond.  Being unaware of this fundamental need can have a negative effect on your relationship with your horse.  Sometimes OUR wants concerning horses get in the way of THEIR needs.  Understanding their need and desire to bond is one of the secrets of horse training.  

I’ll never forget when I first began to sit and do nothing with my horse Shadow.  I could tell that Shadow had a strong desire to bond.  Some horses have a stronger desire to bond than others.  Upon sitting and doing nothing in his company, it wasn't long before he came to me.  From that point on, a shift (that I can't really explain)  took place.  I see this shift happen over and over as I teach others as well.  After the shift, people and their horses perceive each other differently.  Just being together and doing nothing is the key to EVERYTHING!  This process lays the foundation for an incredible bond.

Creating a bond with horses provides entry into the world of interspecies communication and connection.  Seeing the connection that horses share with one another (and with us) shows me that ALL of life is connected.  Taking the time to "know" your horse before asking him to "do" anything greatly accelerates his training.  Your horse develops the understanding that you value spending time with him and that you don't "want" anything in return; simply BEING with him is enough.  After taking the time to form a strong bond, your love for your horse will grow exponentially and his love for you will grow as well.  No matter how you look at it, you are definitely off to a good start! 

You may find that upon reading this blog you are re-thinking your views of connecting with your horse.  If so, check it out for yourself!   Start to BE with your horse simply because you WANT to be with him (with no expectations).  Your horse will read your energy and the "shift” that occurs will take you on the ride of your life!   When building a relationship with a horse, NOTHING truly is EVERYTHING. 

Have a great week and I hope to see you on the ride!

Linda and the Herd of 8

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