Relationship, connection, and communication are two-way streets involving yourself and a partner, whether it be human, plant, animal or mineral.   Becoming aware of our own personal influence in the relationship, connection, or communication is important but the fostering of an inner awareness is paramount.  Many people love animals (dogs in particular) because of the unconditional love they feel from them.  The sticking point that sometimes prevents us from giving unconditional love stems from the fact that we don't love OURSELVES unconditionally.  Loving others unconditionally can only be achieved after we love ourselves in this manner as well.   

What is the greatest gift you can give your animals?  It is to love yourself unconditionally.  When you develop the ability to love yourself unconditionally, you can freely offer this Divine love to others as well.  Alternately, I sometimes hear students express that they are hung up on wanting to “get things right” and they become frustrated or blame themselves for unwanted outcomes.  This outlook leads to failure for themselves and their animals.  In their desire to "get it right"  they lose sight of the joy of forming a relationship and connection with their animals.  Focusing on the desire to do something right sets us up for self-judgment, especially when we fail to meet our sometimes unrealistic expectations.

Our animals want us to feel about ourselves the way they feel about us.  They offer no judgements or conditions.  Some people will be able to begin the journey of loving themselves unconditionally simply by reading theses words but when they are touched by the realization that it is the greatest desire of our animals, they will listen.  Many animals are placed here on earth to be guides, teachers, and healers.  They want to heal us from the dis-ease of separation we suffer, including the separation we feel from ourselves and from our Divine nature which is truly our best part.  

A good starting point is to- Do unto yourself as your animals would do unto you.  Bask in warm rays of sunshine as you love YOURSELF unconditionally.  Your animals will be more comfortable around you as they sense your love of self and unity.  Animals are very insightful creatures that always know what is best for us even when we don’t know this ourselves.  The more I allow myself to follow their teachings, the more I too love myself unconditionally.  What better gift could any of us offer than that?

Give yourself and your animals an unconditional hug from me.  

Keep shining,