This past weekend, eleven women gathered from near and far for an unforgettable experience with wild horses.  Participants came from Portugal, England, Costa Rica, and from various locations throughout the United States.  The whole experience is hard for me to put into words but try to IMAGINE…….

Imagine a combination of earth tones so vivid that you would actually question whether or not you were looking at a painting were your vast perceptions not so breathtaking.  The Pacific ocean is within view.  We don’t have to squint our eyes or ask someone to point out the ocean because it is right there.  The beauty is more than most of us can fully process.  Wonderment engulfs each one of us as we sit and absorb this panoramic view in silence.  Although I have been here before, it feels like a new experience each time I return.  

Imagine watching wild horses move away from us as if they need privacy to discuss which spot to occupy so we can better experience their natural beauty.  As we move toward them, they remind us that they are still discussing the best spot to be in and they move again.  Alas, they finally come to a consensus.  They run past us and over a ridge.  I see only the head of one horse when it faces us as if to say, "Here.... here is the best spot to experience us”.  Slowly each of us makes our way to join the horses as their collective energy vibrates with the frequency that "we are one".  

One of the clinic participants spoke of a poem that she remembered called "The Cathedral of the Blue Dome".  The Cathedral is the world in which we live and The Blue Dome symbolizes our beautiful blue sky.  During this clinic, we have the unique privilege to be in “The Chapel of the Wild Horse”.  We can actually feel the sacredness and harmony which emanates from these wild horses.  We have no desire to touch them (not because we can’t) but because we feel as though our unholiness might spoil their purity.  We are cognizant of the fact that these horses have all been affected by human impurities (otherwise there would be no reason for them to be here).  These horses once roamed a "chapel" that was overtaken by politicians, miners, cattlemen and others.  Even today, their numbers continue to dwindle as their very existence is threatened.  Elimination in this manner is contradictory with creation.  It is never a solution and is certain to breed imbalance in our world.

Now further imagine (while in The Chapel of the Wild Horse), that the horse actually comes to YOU.  He bears gifts of forgiveness and gratitude that return YOU to a freedom you once knew within your OWN being. Those of us who experienced a "Return to Freedom" no longer have to imagine.  We call upon our INNER voices to speak up on behalf of wild horses and for all of life. We are capable of creating solutions that foster a balanced life for ourselves and for our animals.  In the words of St. Francis of Assisi, "Everything Belongs".  

Is there truly a solution that creates harmony and unity for all?  Of course there is!  Allow me once again to stretch your imagination.  Imagine that all music has always existed in the heavens above The Cathedral of the Blue Dome.   Imagine that great musicians such as Beethoven, Bach, and Brahms simply “called down” the music that already existed from above.   They did so by connecting their own unique frequency to this music as it resonated in them.  In other words, they were connected, motivated,  empowered, and inspired by a force greater than themselves.  This is the same force that runs through you and me and all of life.  As the number of wild horses dwindles, the very existence of their special vibration (which has motivated, inspired and empowered me to write these words) is threatened. Connection is the key.  We will find our highest vibration as we strive to connect with all of life. What have we got to lose if we don't?  In a word.....EVERYTHING!  

Thank you for all who helped to make our clinic at Return To Freedom so amazing and special.   A special thanks to Neda DeMayo and Shelly Martin.  Without you, the clinic would not have been possible.  This experience guided us all toward becoming more aware of our own inner voice.  Personally, I have noticed that connecting with my inner voice always makes me feel like singing!   I plan to joyously continue singing my song as I show others how to take the ride of their life WITH THE HORSE, not just on the horse.  

A crisis is an opportunity to shine your own light.  All of nature awaits.