The word "dominion" is defined as sovereignty, control, or supreme authority.  Synonyms of dominion include ascendancy, dominance, superiority, preeminence, mastery, command, power, sway, and rule.  Mother Nature follows a strict law of order.  The sun rises in the East and sets in the West.  Planets revolve around the sun.  Spring comes before summer, just as fall comes before winter.  Day follows night and night follows day.  Order is the language which is spoken naturally by nature.  

Mankind is typically not so orderly yet we have been blessed with the power to rule the animal, mineral, and plant kingdoms.  Yes, dominion is truly an extraordinary gift but it comes with extraordinary responsibility as well.  It is our sacred responsibility to care for and protect all animals.  Their well- being has been entrusted to us.  Never in history has it been as important to embrace the gift of dominion as it is right now.  Animals deserve for their voices to be heard and we are their mouthpiece.

Unfortunately, our extraordinary gift does not come with an instructional manual.  You may remember reading in last week's blog that we are not capable of giving unconditional love until we can first and foremost love ourselves unconditionally.  The same holds true for dominion.  We are simply unable to demonstrate dominion over the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms until we can demonstrate dominion over ourselves.  Have the courage to look deeply within yourself and consider the following question;  "Are you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually balanced?"  If not, it's time for a change.  As living beings, we are ALL subject to the laws of nature.  To merely survive, we must eat, drink, breathe and sleep.  In order to thrive, our bodies require HEALTHY foods, FRESH air, CLEAN water, and plenty of rest.  Our minds need a healthy balance of work and play and our souls require spiritual nourishment as well.  We must be balanced and in control of ourselves before we can responsibly exercise control over our partners in the natural world.  Yes, dominion truly is a gift of monumental proportion.  To whom much is given, much is asked.  Are you up for the challenge of dominion?  Your animals think so and I do too!

Have a great week and embrace the gift of caring for the earth and all it's creatures, especially yourself.