How many times do you see a problem and give more attention to it than you give to finding a solution?  Problems with our horses are opportunities to view situations from their point of view.  The problem may be trailer loading, putting on the halter, your horse won't come when you are holding a halter, he doesn't stand still while you mount, etc.  Focusing on the problem never yields a solution and is simply a reflection of the relationship that you share with your horse.  

Looking at it from the horse's viewpoint and summoning the courage to step outside of the box to find a solution is a challenge that requires us to look within.  Whether or not you find the "right" solution, challenging yourself in this way will eventually yield an answer and your horse will be there every step of the way to validate the manner in which you relate to him/her.  

I have heard clients say that they want their horses to follow their commands without the need for any type of reinforcement.  Other clients have expressed that their horses "should" always do as they say.   This kind of thinking is counter-productive.  Relationships are two-way streets which challenge your communication skills and often expose your desire to control things or simply "have it your way".   Animals, especially horses, can present a mirror which reflects your innermost self (good or bad).  I have had to take a look at myself many times from the mirror of the horse and it is not always easy or pleasant to do.  One thing is for sure, training horses also means being trained by them.  Through working with horses, you can (with persistence) discover your true self.  Any time you see a problem in your horse, I can assure you that there is something within you that needs working on.  By looking beyond the problem, you will find the solution within YOU.  Horse training is a team effort which requires self-reflection, willingness, and a look at yourself through the eyes of your horse.  We are diamonds in the rough and horses are insightful partners who already see the beauty within us all.

Have a great week.