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Some horse lovers are clearly nuts.  I'll be the first to admit this is true because I too suffer from nut syndrome.  Think about it, we shovel at least 50 lbs of %*@#  per horse each day.  Additionally, we feed our horses, possibly breed them, and might even ride them.  We make extra room for them, groom them, buy shoes every 6 weeks, build barns, and rearrange our lives to accommodate them.  Sometimes we even rescue horses only to find that in reality they rescued us.  We go to all this trouble for our horses with little thought of how much our lives are changing in the process.  

When I ask myself what it is about these magnificent beings that has such an impact on us, I can only hypothesize that they must activate an extra(ordinary) chromosome in us that has not yet been discovered by science!  I suppose we will have to wait until a great scientist marries a woman with horse lovers "nut syndrome" to validate our condition.  I have no doubt that science will one day prove what we already know in our hearts to be true.  

If you feel you that you possess this mysterious extra chromosome causing what I affectionately refer to as horse lovers "nut syndrome, don't despair.  It is actually cause for CELEBRATION to know that you belong to such a biologically gifted group.  When someone calls you a "horse nut", smile to yourself because they have just confirmed your uniqueness.  Jayne Forster, Martha Tiller Foster, Jacquie Blake, Kim Walnes,  Gail Crocker, Valentina Jaramillo, Ginny Carr, Nancy Zintsmaster,  Vanessa Overton, and Carolyn Resnick are among the hundreds of special people that I have met with this affliction.  I do pray that we remain undiagnosed.  Otherwise, the pharmaceutical companies might try to find a medication to make us normal.  Instead, I think they should concentrate their efforts on trying to replicate this wonderful chromosome so everyone can experience this JOY that comes so naturally to us!  If you know someone who shares this crazy syndrome, feel free to tag them with this blog.  

CELEBRATE and have a great week!!!!!


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