Imagine that you were meeting someone that you hold in high esteem; someone that you think is very special.  The Pope, the Dalai Lama, the Queen of England, or perhaps a famous actor might come to mind.  Think of how you would want your first encounter to be.  You would be on your best behavior, completely aware of your actions.  You would be filled with reverence, gratitude, admiration, and excitement for the opportunity to come into contact with the person that you so revere.  Obviously, you would do everything within your power to make sure the encounter went as smoothly as possible.

Now comes the tip that I want to share with you.  Fill yourself with this same reverence and admiration during each and every encounter with your horse.  Be in tune with his every move not forcing anything.  There is no doubt that your attentiveness will have an impact on your relationship with your horse.  When I am mindful to hold and demonstrate excitement and admiration in the company of my horses, they respond in kind with joy and reverence.  Thus, our ability to communicate is naturally enhanced.

Respect is born through the exchange of our highest energies.  You can experience this glorious feeling every time you are in the company of your horse.  Who knows,  if you like the results you may begin to practice this feeling of reverence with people as well.  Reverence for all of life is a beautiful experience which can become a daily practice.   Your horse IS special.  Showing him how special he is through your enlightened attitude will change your relationship both with your horse and with the world as well!   Let's all get started, shall we?

Keep connected and keep shining, 

Linda & The Herd