To this day, I still have a vivid picture of my son David (who was 8 years old at the time) lying on the ground with hay covering his chest and stomach.  I was truly mesmerized as I watched our horse Black Jack eat the hay on David's body rather than eating hay that was piled on the ground.  This memory is etched into my mind forever.  David continued to lay on the ground as the day gave way to a beautiful sunset and all I could see was their silhouette. I still couldn't pull myself away from these two precious souls.  The energetic connection between them was simply delicious to witness.     

No matter our age, we all have this childlike energy within us.  Igniting it again is our only challenge.  For me, The Waterhole Rituals continue to fan the flame.  Sometimes people don't understand how simple it can be.  My own children come home and say things like, "What are you doing out there with the horses"?  They don't readily comprehend the profound connection and joy that flows from the stillness of simply sharing territory.  Behaviors that wouldn't be questioned from a child are questioned as adults.  

Over time, I have begun to notice that horses are most attracted to the purity of a childlike energy.  I am personally grateful to feel this energy again in my adulthood.  I will always be young now that I don't allow age to restrict my behavior.  My inner child is always gleeful to enjoy a good smooch with horses as they artfully create new hairstyles with their lips.  Does anyone want to come over and play?