I love to see people performing activities with their horses but what I find most attractive is witnessing "connection" between people and their horses.  Think of the difference between watching "stage moms" who focus on what their children can do vs. watching mothers simply playing with their children.  This is how I view horsemanship.  Although you can train a horse to do almost anything, you simply can't train connection because real connection involves a mutual exchange of "feeling".  

Everything you do with your horse can involve the experience of connection.  Grooming, playing, riding, experimenting, and just being with your horse are all opportunities for connection on a deeper level.  As I touch my horse, Iimagine the energy of love that I feel flowing down my arm and into my fingers.  I watch as he reacts to my thoughts, feelings, and touch and I adjust to accommodate his feelings without judgement.  I accept whatever my horse gives me in the moment knowing that my only "agenda" is to experience connection with him.  This type of connection was not something that I learned from my fellow humans but instead arose from the desire to personally experience the deep connection that horses share with one another.  Fortunately, they are willing to share with us as well. 

Happy Thanksgiving!  We have much to be thankful for!

Keep shining and connected, 

Linda & the Herd

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