Focus only on the person doing the rescuing and not on the reason another needs to be rescued.  One would not exist without the other.   
 Look at the wrongs of the world as opportunities to do good.  See chances to restore lost innocence by focusing on the positive rather than the negative.  The very essence of innocence involves focusing on the good but is sometimes clouded by the shadows that ego casts upon us.  Enlightenment occurs when "I'm possible" springs forth from the "impossible". 
The question is not, "Is the WORLD ready to see with Godly eyes?" The question is, "Are YOU ready?"  Without such questions, there would be no answers.  
 Don't just BE the change you want to see in this world.  SEE the change within yourself as well.
When you are fully present, the past and the future are irrelevant.  As always, the eyes of the horse are upon us and never fail to see our true reflection.    
                                                                                    ------   From the mouths of my horses      
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