When I was a little girl I loved to look at pictures of centaurs.  I ran around our house galloping in my night gown with a horse tail fashioned from my matching housecoat.  Not only did I pretend to be a horse, I hoped to become a centaur (despite not really knowing what one was).  The centaur pictures that captured my attention always left me wondering what it would be like to be half horse and half human.  Little did I know the centaur would gallop into my life as an adult.

 The Centaur Connection transpired through my own horses.  I have become more human from spending time with them.  I dare say that my horses have become more than just horses from our interactions as well.  One might question at what point this transformation occurs.  In that question lies the answer.  It reveals itself as a sense of KNOWING.  When you are able to see   through the eyes of your horse to understand how he perceives you, you began to understand yourself.  The horse offers us opportunities to see who we truly are.  It is important to remain mindful that the "YOU" which you present to your horse has the power to spark his greatest success or to lead him down the path of failure.

You may not even be aware of it but the horse always knows when you pretend the glamour of performance might in some way validate who you are.  I know because I have been there.  Many people are still under this illusion.  It is time to wake up from the spell that has been cast over so many of us to realize that performance from a horse is not necessarily synonymous with relationship.  Horses have certainly been all to willing to teach this lesson to me!   

A magical relationship occurs when a horse and a human join together to truly know one another.  Getting to know yourself through the horse is what leads to the Centaur Connection.  Don't let the glamour of performance lure you away from discovering yourself.  Your horse knows about horses and he knows you as well.   The Centaur is not 1/2 horse and 1/2 human like we see in pictures but is the whole horse getting to know the whole human which results in a new duality.   

Performance is merely a destination.  Once you have taught your horse to perform the way you want him to, you have reached your destination.  Relationship however is a journey that can last a lifetime.  When you embark on the journey of the Centaur there is no end.  What an incredible journey it is!  

February 2017 kicks off my new clinic in beautiful Costa Rica, The Centaur Connection.  In this clinic you will learn the fundamentals of Animal Communication, body language, working with energy and much more.   Details soon to follow.  Care to join us?  


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