Everyone has a song to sing or a jig to dance.  I discovered my own song as I began workingwith horses at liberty.  The outside world began to have less importance as I reconnected with my inner self.  As we look within, our polarities merge and we can all find our own unique creation and expression in life.  The teacher realizes he is a student and the student finds he is a teacher.  The adult connects with his inner child while the child seeks the wisdom ofadulthood.  The balance that I struggle to achieve is found when my polarities embrace one another.  As they join together, expression (writing, singing, dancing) springs forth.    

I would like to share a story with you that I once read.  St. Anthony of Padua was given a special gift of communication.  As he preached the Gospel, people were not interested in what he had to say.  Feeling their dissatisfaction with his teachings, St. Anthony went to the banks of a nearby shore and began preaching to the fish.  He spoke simply for the glory of God.  When the people saw that the fish were congregating and giving St. Anthony their undivided attention, they also became interested in hearing what St.  Anthony had to say.    

I love this story because it shows us that it was the animals that first had the wisdom to validate St. Anthony’s teachings.  Although his message had fallen on deaf human ears, St. Anthony had the courage to continue singing his song and was eventually heard by all.     

Validation of our creative expression can come from our horses as well.  They are most willing to help you find your way if you simply open your heart to their messages.  As they teach their lessons, horses can guide you and heal you from the dis-ease of feeling dis-connected.  Horses are much more than RV'sbut they most certainly can take you on the ride of your life!   Are you ready for the trip?


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