As I write this blog, it is a perfect September day and I am sharing territory with my horses. I can't think of anything I would rather be doing than spending time amongst my herd. I am not only sharing territory with my horses; I am in a state of complete oneness with them. As I revel in the moment, I hear the following words: 

Pay special attention to the words "horse" and "man." They are commonly thought of as one word (horseman) in the human language but certainly not in ours (the language of horses). If you want to become a real horseman, you must learn to communicate in a language that we can both understand. To do so, humans must be true to their own unique natures just as horses always are. As we bring forth the best in horses and humans alike, we form a foundation for the creation of "horsemen." Humans are the supreme masters of words and intellect but we horses are masters of feeling. Ultimately, horses (not humans) are the true masters of communication.  A real horseman feels this in his heart. 

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As a starting point, a horseman recognizes that in addition to his external search for knowledge, he must look within while summoning the courage to explore and express his feelings. Intellect and feeling must join hands to allow effective communication between horses and humans. A real horseman is not just a body on my back. As he sits with head held high, he sees the world through the eyes of a horse. The view is perfect from this perspective. His feelings tell him so. 

The joyous dance begins as we enjoy our freedom of expression with a willing partner. A true horseman can hear my music and I rejoice as we dance together. Our differences no longer matter. As we dance to our own special music, we are no longer two separate beings. Our spirits intertwine and we become one. You are now a horseman. Certainly, there can be no sweeter music than that! 

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This week as our dance with the horse continues to unfold, let's all make some beautiful music! 


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