I just returned from the UK where I taught a three day clinic on natural horse communication. This unspoken language flows from horses to humans and from humans to horses alike. Each day began with a guided meditation to help the human participants come fully into the present moment (where horses reside naturally). The students learned to communication with horses from a bonded trust in an atmosphere of harmony and unity. Through the Waterhole Rituals, each student built a relationship with a horse based on the bond shared between horse and human when horses are trained at liberty. What takes place (occurrences, shifts, realizations) in the moments of the bond is vital in how the relationship develops with a horse. I also shared (with the class) how to move around a horse to enhance the bond and the performance.

The clinic also focused on developing a greater awareness of our own energetic vibrations. Having the proper vibration will draw a horse to you magically and respectfully. When you have this level of energetic awareness, you understand how to use your body language to influence a horse to follow your lead. This clinic proved to be a journey into self-realization as well. Through self- realization, one ultimately develops a deeper awareness and insight of how to connect and communicate with horses.

I walked each student step-by-step through the progressive levels of the Waterhole Rituals. Each person learned how to "be" and what "to do" to advance the performance of their horses. Once you have gained this level of understanding, everything you do with a horse will stem from your own insights of how to relate to your horse in any given situation. All attendees gained the working knowledge needed to grow their ability to bond using natural horse communication via the Waterhole Rituals.  The clinic was simply magical! It is so hard to find words to describe the magnificent connections that we witnessed and felt during our time together!

We were fortunate to have a professional photographer at the clinic who generously offered to share his beautiful photographs with us. Each photo tells the story of the horse/human connections forged during our journey. What a joyous experience we had and it will long be remembered. As my British friends might say, "Brilliant, lovely and well-done!" Thank you all for another wonderful clinic!


Linda Salinas4 Comments