Many of you know the story of me and my horse named Gramsey. For the sake of those who don’t, Gramsey had only been with me for two months when she broke her P2 bone (ankle). Two veterinarians and an equine orthopedic specialist all agreed that the only option was to "put her down." They said that surgery was not an option and in their medical opinion, the break could not be fixed. That being said, you can imagine my surprise and confusion when I loudly and clearly heard Gramsey say, "Give me a chance!" 

To say the least, I was confronted with a huge dilemma. This was literally a life or death decision and time was of the essence. Should I take the advice of the three veterinarians (who were experts in their field) or should I listen to my horse? This question rocked me to my core.
I hadn't yet done any formal training in animal communication. Listening to animals was not a typical part of my everyday life so it is no surprise that I asked myself, "Why should I listen now?" Somehow this mare took me to a crossroad. I was forced to choose whether or not to listen to my own intuition. Although her survival was against the odds, I couldn't simply ignore the look in Gramsey's eyes as I heard her say, "Give me a chance." I experienced a painful and excruciating mental debate that felt like a war going on inside my head. My right brain said to do the logical thing which meant following the advice of the doctors (euthanize Gramsey). My left brain screamed that I could not ignore my horse's request which meant that I would have to explore an undiscovered part of myself in the process. I worried about causing needless suffering for this sweet mare. I worried about what the "experts" would think of me. Gramsey's request to give her a chance caused me to look deeply within my soul. I would have to trust my own intuition above everything else. At the time, I didn't know if I even had the courage to walk out onto such a fragile limb. 

As I wrestled with my decision, I felt as though something that had long been dormant within me was now ready to come alive. I realized that I had the courage to live my own truth. I took a leap of faith with my mare and the outcome proved to be nothing short of a miracle. Gramsey's injury healed and she is happily grazing in my pasture as I write this blog. To this day, she continues to present me with painful opportunities in which I must trust my intuition. Dealing with her "incurable" injury was one of the most difficult challenges of my life but the value of learning to trust my inner knowing has made it all worthwhile. 

Obviously, I’m no different than anyone else but this experience changed everything for me. Horses are truly our mirrors, reflecting what they see within us. I was taught by my horse to trust my intuition above the logic and reason of the experts who asked, "Who in their right mind would do such a thing?" Gramsey beseeched me to journey within. She still continues to enrich me with many gifts, the greatest of which is trust. 

Would you like to embark upon your own personal journey? I can guide you through the Waterhole Rituals as you see your reflection in the eyes of your horse as well. If you don't have a horse, I have eight of them who are willing to guide us. Rest assured that Gramsey The Miracle Horse will be watching to make sure we get it right! 

Have a great rest of the week. Linda 

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