I find horses to be great communicators.  Horses speak a language that encompasses so much more than the verbal language spoken by humans in which countless streams of words are volleyed back and forth.  Horses have no interest whatsoever in our rudimentary form of communication.

Communicating with a horse, or any animal for that matter, involves so much more than merely issuing demands that they perform certain types of action.  Frequently, I have clients who want me to tell their horses what they want them to do, such as to jump over a fence.  The imposition of our own will and desire upon horses quite effectively blinds us to the unique wants and needs of our equine partners.  In order to have true authentic communication, you and your horse must be of the same accord.

Learning to be a good speaker enhances communication but it is even more crucial to be a good LISTENER.  As you practice listening to your horse (through observation), you will get better at reading him.  A horse is like an open book.  He is fully present in every moment and is always willing to tell you how he feels if you are willing to listen.  As you and your horse develop a mutual respect, trust and willingness will follow.  Both of you will engage in a free flow of language in which words are no longer needed.  This silent dialogue is the language that horses naturally speak.

Being in "the trainer's mind" or having an agenda are clear examples of one-way conversations that can surely bring discord into your relationship with your horse.  Authentic communication can only occur when both horse and human share a connection.  Your horse will bestow the gift of performance upon you when you offer him trust and respect.  Your leadership will be received as sweetly as candy for a child.

As your bond strengthens, you turn your focus toward your connection while maintaining an awareness of how your horse feels about his training.  My role as a leader is to ensure that I remain connected to my horse at all times and to bring clarity and harmony to the training.  We are bonded partners with a mutual goal.  Our communication is effortless because we are in a state of heightened awareness in which we can read and feel one another's thoughts, feelings, and intentions.  When you and your horse are in complete accord, he will trust your authentic leadership and will respond willingly to your requests.  As an insightful leader, you can intuitively make requests that set your horse up for success.  I can assure you that you'll find no better partner.  Horses are amazing creatures that are truly "full of heart!"

Join me in New York (August 21-23) for my next clinic.  I will teach you to communicate and you will experience the joy of being in accord with horses using The Carolyn Resnick Method of Natural Horsemanship.  It can change your relationship with horses and can be life changing for you as well. It certainly has been for me!

Have a great rest of the week.


Linda SalinasComment