I have many clients who don't have an arena or any type of closed area in which to train their horses.  This is really not an issue in training horses when your focus is on the relationship and the bond that you share. The Carolyn Resnick Method capitalizes upon a horse's desire for companionship which makes it possible to train a horse anywhere.  When initiating a relationship with a horse, I actually prefer to begin in the pasture.   

Once I was hired to teach a 3 day private clinic to a woman who had pastures for her horses but no arena.  Her horses had everything they needed.  They had an abundance of food, fresh water, and companionship with other horses.  We began the private clinic by sitting amongst her horses.  During the first couple of hours, the horses did not come to us.  To make a connection, we needed to go to them.  Since I had spent time watching her horses, I could easily identify which one was the alpha.  I got up from my chair and wandered over to the area in which he was grazing.  As I began to pick the grass with my hands and make grazing noises like horses do, his curiosity was sparked.  He came over to investigate what sort of creature I was.  I continued to pick grass and when I had a big handful, I took it to him.  Next, I attempted to say hello.  A moment after he responded to my hello, I walked away.  I shared territory with him and scratched him in places that he could not easily reach.  While I mimicked grazing behavior and hung out with the alpha, I gradually moved really close to him.  Ever so gently, I asked him to move over while keeping my connection with him.  He moved at my gentle request.  This ended our morning session.  By the afternoon of the first day we had become friends. Companion walking was the next gift that we shared together.  

The Carolyn Resnick Method of Natural Horsemanship teaches you to be fully present in the moment while remaining in complete harmony with your horse.  It teaches you to stay focused on the relationship and connection that you share.  It is a method of training that greatly increases your bond with your horse.  Your training can flow effortlessly between the arena or pastures.  Here is my latest video in which you can see my horses and me in the pastures.  I hope you enjoy watching us and the bond we share.   

Have a great rest of the week,