Through my observation of horses that live in community, I frequently find the answers for which I am searching concerning how to live in community with my fellow humans.  As I surround myself with horses in nature, solutions never fail to come.  I playfully refer to this process as "PPS" ( Pasture Problem Solving).  I don't think that horses have all the answers but I do believe that nature (as a whole) can provide the answers that we seek.  When I go to my pastures to problem solve, I observe the horses that share this wonderful farm with me.  As I watch them live so naturally and fully in the present moment, I am once again reminded to leave my mental archive of "problems" behind.  As the inner turmoil that I brought along begins to subside, my useless mental chatter quietens as well.  As I begin to enter a positive state of "just being", solutions often float to the surface as I get out of my head and into my heart.  What a gift the horses truly are for me!

Horses can teach you to "feel" your way (rather than think your way) to a solution.  Living "in the now" allows for a heightened sense of awareness in which you can be receptive to the silent language of horses.  They have assisted me in solving problems on many occasions and I would like to share one such example with you.

Years ago, a young girl came to my farm for riding lessons.  She was very intelligent and was a good student in school.  Oddly, however, she was not able to balance herself very well on my horse named BlackJack.  This seemed rather unusual to me as most children are naturally balanced on horses.  Week after week I tried to find a solution.  I struggled without success to assist her in finding her natural seat.  Finally I took my problem to the pastures where I distinctly heard BlackJack say, "SHE is not balanced".  "Oh dear", I thought. I certainly couldn't tell her parents that my horse had just told me their daughter wasn't balanced, but I couldn't ignore my horse's wisdom either.  Later that day when the girl's mom came to pick her up, I mentioned that in addition to riding, her daughter enjoyed the whole experience of being at the farm.  I asked her permission for us to do other activities around the farm in addition to riding.  Her mom said this was fine with her as she agreed that her daughter just loved being at the farm no matter what we did.  For the next several months we did all sorts of activities such as crafts, barn chores, and grooming horses.  We were unfailingly creative and observed everything nature presented to us.  A few months later, I decided to re-introduce riding lessons. Much to my amazement, the young girl's seat and balance were as natural as could be.  BlackJack had known all along!

This wasn't the first time that a horse had been instrumental in solving one of my human dilemmas and I have a feeling that it won't be the last.  Slowly, I am learning to make the time and effort to be receptive to their messages.  People often inquire as to when I began communicating with animals.  I simply wonder why any of us ever stopped.

Have a great rest of the week!


Linda SalinasComment