The Art of Courting Your Horse

I just finished a fabulous three day clinic here at my farm in North Carolina.   Two people transported horses all the way from Ohio.  Additional participants came from various locations throughout the US and from as far away as Costa Rica.  We had a total of 6 horses and eight participants.  What a grand three days we had!

The WaterHole Rituals are all about connecting with our horses at liberty without the aid of tack.  As the three days unfolded, so did the connections between people, their equine companions, and each other.  One of the many lessons learned from the horses in attendance is that they love to be courted.  Nurturing the connection that we have with our horses brings new insight into proper interactions with them.  So how DO we court our horses?  It's simple!  Treat them the way you would like to be treated by someone who wants to get to know YOU.   This brings romance and intrigue into the relationship.   Horses love this connection just as much as people do.   Horses  are  energetic beings who are very capable of feeling your energy.  Offering a romantic energy to your relationship can enhance the bond you share with your horse. 

Courting your horse can also assist in maintaining a strong relationship because it changes your  focus from performance to simply enjoying your horse's companionship.   When our horses don't perform as well as we would like, maintaining an attitude of courtship helps us to develop a feel for making our requests when we know our horses are ready.  Thus, we set our horses up for success.  Flirting with your horse adds spice to the relationship, just as it does in human relationships as well.

When we want someone to notice us, we don't typically stand in front of them waving our arms or stomping our feet.  Instead we become creative with our actions to achieve what we desire with the best possible outcome.  Thus, the courtship begins.  The same can be true in your relationship with your horse as well.

Would you like to have a better connection with your horse?  Simply learn the art of courtship and watch the romance unfold.  There are no better partners than horses with whom to practice your skills.  Horses at liberty quite naturally let you know whether or not they are interested in you.   When interacting with a horse at liberty, their reactions serve to guide you in the adjustment of your energy to their liking.  When everything is right, it feels just like picking a ripe piece of fruit.  There is no need to pull; the ripened fruit simply falls into your hand the minute that you touch it. 

Start winking at your horse and allow your romantic venture to blossom!  Have a great rest of the week.  


Linda Salinas10 Comments