Moving Magnetically With Your Horse

Linda with Shadow

Linda with Shadow

What is a magnetic connection?  Have you ever seen a flock of birds flying completely in unison or a school of fish swimming together as one?  Have you watched horses running together in a stampede?  Do you wonder how they gallop at top speed without running into each other?  Animals can perform these seemingly impossible feats due to their magnetic connection.  To me, nothing feels better than being magnetically connected to a horse.  As you delight in the connection, your horse will companion walk with you in any direction at the pace you choose.

Although companion walking is a goal of most people who come to my clinics, we must remain aware of the fact that this magical interaction happens simply and effortlessly when your horse feels bonded to you.  At that point, he has developed trust and respect for you and will be focused and willing to follow your lead.  

Developing a bond with your horse to yield a magnetic connection takes time, devotion, and an overall "knowing" of each other.  You will remain in a leadership position through each step you take together and your horse will join you in a synchronistic rhythm that is beautiful and graceful to behold.

Connection and synchronization don't happen overnight.   As you may know, I have been married for 39 years.  My husband and I share a knowingness of each other's pace when we walk together.  We didnt spend time training each other to move in unison.  It is a rhythm that we have developed over time.  This natural flow is possible for you and your equine companion as well.  A magnetic connection must be allowed to unfold naturally.  It can't be forced or trained.

In this video you will see me with my horse Shadow.  We have spent countless hours developing our bond and connection.  The quality of our connection is undeniable.  Our magnetic bond goes far beyond training.  It is an energetic connection which developed from years of "getting to know" one another.  Watch how our feet touch the ground at the same time.  We move as one.  Shadow follows my lead like a dance partner that has been with me for many years, and he has.  Shadow you are the best!

Have a great rest of the week as you dance, dance, dance in the enjoyment of the magnetic connection that you are developing with your horse as well.