The WHR Dance Again In Denmark

Upon the completion of last year's clinic in Denmark, I had no idea that I would have the chance to return this year as well. Fortunately, the opportunity arose and once again I crossed the ocean to return to Copenhagen for another Carolyn Resnick Clinic to teach The Waterhole Rituals.

Several people who attended last year's clinic returned anew and I was thrilled to see them sharing a strong bond and connection with their horses based on the knowledge they gained in our previous clinic. We also had the good fortune to enjoy the company of some new friends (both horse and human) as they began their journey to greater connection as well.

My job involves helping humans to form relationships and special connections with their equine companions. I question whether you can really label my job as "work" because it is something that I am so passionate about.  A very wise person once said that if you have the good fortune to discover what you love to do, you will never work another day in your life. That is exactly how I feel! It is so rewarding to teach others to have a better connection with their horses. I am energized by facilitating the process and it definitely does not seem like "work" to me. One lady who came to the clinic as a volunteer said she was only scheduled to help for a few hours but found the clinic to be so amazing that she couldn’t bring herself to leave!

It is not uncommon for students to be "in the trainer's mind" or to have predetermined expectations when they come to my clinics. During days one and two of the Denmark clinic, one participant made requests of the horses that they simply were not ready to respond to. On day three, this student entered into the arena with a different mindset. He allowed me to coach him and followed everyone one of my instructions perfectly. When I finally asked him to step left (away from the horse), he did so and the horse magnetically went with him. It was easy for all to see that the participant's dedication to connection (not performance) with the horse helped him to achieve his ultimate goal of connection. Thanks to this special person for allowing us to see the magic which came alive in that moment!

During our time in Denmark, there were many other special moments as well. Taking the time to develop the skills needed to "set your horse up" for success requires faith in the method. Thank you Denmark for having faith in The Carolyn Resnick Method and for inviting me back again. It was great!

Kira and I celebrating a successful clinic enjoying chocolate dipped meringues  !!!!!!

Kira and I celebrating a successful clinic enjoying chocolate dipped meringues  !!!!!!

A special thanks to Kira Holm for hosting the clinic. Thank you Kira!

Have a great rest of the week, and remember always remain a student of the horse.


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