Last week I took a leap of faith as I shared a message with all of you that I received from the horses.  This message was so beautiful that I simply couldn’t keep it to myself!  Although I felt vulnerable in "coming out of the closet" as a person who hears the animals speak, your responses have been 100% positive.  I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and for your affirmation that I made the right choice in speaking up.  As I share the horses' messages, I am living my truth to be their voice.  Although I have no idea where all of this will lead, I firmly believe that horses possess the ability to transport us (not only physically) but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well.  My prayer is that all who hear the wisdom of the horse will find their true north in life just as I have.  My horses have provided additional food for thought this week.  I hope you enjoy this message as well----

It is a universal truth that each individual is an integral part of the whole (of life) and conversely the whole naturally exists within each of us. As you truly experience the current moment, you can feel the resonance of your own unique vibration. Additionally, you pick up on the vibrations of other living beings as well. When we (the horses) sense imbalances, we intuitively know that you are out of sync. This is just another way of saying that you are out of harmony with your environment.

Regardless of the emotional reaction that you may feel in any given circumstance, you can strive for harmony. The pursuit of harmony can even counteract the divisive individualism that is so prevalent among people in today’s society. Gratitude has the power to transform vibrational energy so we may all live harmoniously throughout this great journey that we call life. We are grateful for the opportunity to be of service as we live amongst our friends on this wonderful planet earth.

Feeling grateful, 

Linda and her eight horses, 

Linda Salinas13 Comments