This is an old blog that had a powerful message and I felt it was worth sharing again.  Enjoy!

Cars have replaced us as the predominant means of physical transportation but we are still capable of transporting you in other ways as well.  When you open your mind, we (the horses) can lead you on a spiritual journey to your authentic self.  The purpose of this journey is to meet the Divine Being that resides in each and every one of you.  Once the Divine “YOU” is known, the journey shifts and we continue our search for the Divine in all of life.  

During every moment, all of life is making music which generates vibrational energy.  Each living being has its own unique vibrational frequency.  Humans, animals, trees, plants, gems, and minerals can hear the sound of these vibrations. We the horses know when your vibration is out of tune.  Life vibrates harmoniously when you seek peace and unity.  Just as we are able to transport you physically, we can support you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to rebalance your vibrational energy. The main lesson we are to learn is to surrender.  As you surrender your problems to the healing power of nature, balance can be restored into your life.  

The animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms work together to bring us into harmony.  A one-minded consciousness with all of life can be seen, felt, and heard as we open our hearts to the guidance of nature.  When we all join together in harmony with the expression of our own uniqueness, it truly feels like we have a little piece of heaven on earth. 

Let's all enjoy the music as we open our ears to the wisdom of the horse. 

Linda, her special herd of 8, and all of nature

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