As you all know, horses are master teachers who boldly live their truth.  I have spent countless hours sharing territory with my horses simply watching them graze.  I can assure you that this was not time wasted. Spending time in the midst of such a peaceful presence has allowed me to connect with a deeper level of peace within myself.  

Earlier today, I couldn't wait to frolic with my horse Shadow.  We played for over an hour and a half in the arena.  I honestly can't say who had a better time, Shadow or me.  Shadow was eager to dance despite the unseasonably warm November day that we were having here in North Carolina.  I have ever so slowly been teaching Shadow to jump at liberty.  In the beginning, he was very reluctant to go over the jump but today his enthusiasm seemed boundless.  He sailed over the jumps despite the fact that I had even raised it.  Throughout all our activities, Shadow and I played in harmony.  I felt an all-encompassing connection with Shadow and it was evident he felt it too.  As I reflect upon the many lessons that horses can teach us, balance comes to mind.  A balanced relationship with your horse can only develop when he is allowed the freedom to make his own choices.  A willing partner is worth the wait.  When you and your horse meet on equal footing, you can create your own special moments of joy.  Who better than horses to teach balance and harmony.   They are the epitome of both! 

Enjoy another sweet message from the horses:

Peace is everywhere. There is no place on earth that it can’t be found. By resolving conflicts and turmoil within yourselves and others, you will find peace. Peacefulness is a natural state of being. Seeking harmony in each moment will bear the fruit of peace. Now is the best time to begin walking the path of peace. What are you waiting for?

Life is beautiful, 

Linda & The Herd 

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